A brief summary of Demoiselle Distillery's main range. Click any product to be taken to the item in our shop for a more detailled description. Information on the how we produce our various spirits can be found in the Spirits Guide.

World class french style absinthe, wormwood, aniseed and fennel expertly distilled then coloured using only the herbs lemon balm, petite wormwood and hyssop.
Our award winning absinthe starring the native botanicals, lemon myrtle, pepper berry alongside wormwood, aniseed and fennel to create an unforgettable, herbally intense and complex absinthe.
Sunset absinthe uses the traditional foundation of Aniseed, Fennel and Wormwood making a much more approachable Absinthe even for the uninitiated yet with enough subtle complexity from the accompanying botanicals.
Unique smoked absinthe featuring Australian native herbs. Wormwood, aniseed, fennel and aniseed myrtle are distilled then coloured using only lemon balm, lemon myrtle and petite wormwood.
Classic London Dry Gin yet utterly unique, 9 botanicals including the Australian Natives Lemon Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle and Pepper Berry dancing behind the Juniper Berry. Hand crafted in small batches by a master distiller used to working with whole botanicals. 46% Alc/Vol, this higher percentage allowing our Gin to carry amazing amounts of flavour.
Balancing the rich dark berry fruit aromas of cabernet sauvignon with juniper and 9 other botanicals to create a unique complex gin. Perfect straight-up or over ice with a twist of citrus peel, or combine with your favourite winter berries and a splash of tonic or soda.
Traditional vodka distilled through pure silver, fermented and distilled as it should be, requiring no carbon filtration creating a full bodied and flavoured vodka. Vodka as it was meant to be.
After being expertly distilled our Silversmith is then gently smoked using mulberry and cherry wood to create a complex and mellow vodka great on its own or use it in cocktails to add depth and complexity.
Our unique smokey spirit smoked for 48 hours using mulberry and cherry wood to create a spirit more akin to a peaty whiskey or mezcal that is smooth and sippable, perfect neat with a twist of orange peel or make a margarita that will amaze
Beautifully citric Lemon Myrtle offers a uniquely Australian vodka experience. Use in any cocktail as you would a vodka. Adds a delightful Australian layer of citrus to any cocktail or can be enjoyed neat.
Our limoncello is sweet yet not over the top. Enjoy chilled after a meal over ice, with an optional splash of soda.
Limited Edition Spiced Rum (Single French Oak Octave Barrel.) A silky smooth spirit all about the medium+ toasted french oak and the accompanying vanilla top notes with a host of subtle and carefully chosen spices dancing in the background.
Limited release of double distilled sugar plum brandy, wild fermented. A dry, complex fruit brandy. Fermented and distilled in the eastern European slivovitz style, using the whole fruit including the skin and pits, achieving a balance between the sweet aroma from the flesh and savory notes from the skin and pits.